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Business Intelligence Analyst - $105,000+
Philadelphia, PA

Business Intelligence Analyst with 6+ years of BI experience, most recently as a Business Intelligence Analyst for a company, where he expanded data warehouse (60 TB) with new data and data models. Designed data exports to vendors. He is an SQL expert for performance tuning both to internal IT users and external marketing users.

Skills: Project scoping, QA, ETL, Star Schema Design, Reporting, Visualization, Netezza, SQL, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Confluence, JIRA, Tableau, Excel

Compensation Requirements: $105,000

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Education: Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Economics

Candidate ID#: 1162509679855018/1150214782934163

Business Intelligence Developer - $120,000
Philadelphia, PA (Chinatown)

Business Intelligence Developer with 4+ years of BI experience, most recently as a Business Intelligence Developer for a company, where he develops tableau dashboards, reports and data visualizations for stakeholders. Designs, code, test, and aggregate results from SQL queries. Develops SQL stored procedures for use in scheduled and automated tasks

Skills: Tableau, Python, Visual Basic, C++, C#, SQL, TFS, Azure DevOps, Office 365 - Excel (Vlookup, SUMIF, Pivot Tables, Macros), Word (Mail Merges, Macros), Frontpage, Powerpoint, and Outlook

Compensation Requirements: $120,000+

Location: Philadelphia, PA (Chinatown)

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Candidate ID#: 1162532007605818/1147169827504321

Sr. Manager, Business Intelligence - $155,000+
Merion Station, PA

Sr. Manager, Business Intelligence with 7+ years of business intelligence development experience, most recently as a Sr. Manager, of Business Intelligence for a company, where he hired and managed a Business Intelligence team focused on building an in-house suite of custom business intelligence tools. Led team in creating new full-stack, SaaS environment to satisfy internal business intelligence needs, replacing existing enterprise products. Developed novel data visualization, ETL and aggregation tools using open source libraries to provide data views on-demand.

Skills: SQL, Python, Tableau, PHP, MatLab, LATEX, Oracle 12c, BigQuery, MySQL, SQL Server, Google Cloud Platforms, HDFS

Compensation Requirements: $155,000+

Location: Merion Station, PA

Education: M.S. & B.S. in Nuclear Engineering

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/1147169827504334

Senior Business Intelligence Engineer - $130,000+
Philadelphia, PA (Queen Village)

Senior Business Intelligence Engineer with over 7+ years of business intelligence and reporting experience, most recently as a BI Supervisor where he completely overhauled the data environment from legacy to modern (Snowflake/Looker/Python/AWS/etc.).

Skills: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SSIS, Microsoft SSAS, Oracle SQL Server, IBM DB2, Snowflake, IBM Cognos, Pentaho Reporting, LookML, SQL, Python, R

Compensation Requirements: $130,000+

Location: Philadelphia, PA (Queen Village)

Education: Master’s of Science in Analytics

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/1139334405349592

Data Architect - $100,000+
Philadelphia, PA (Fairmount)

Data Architect with over 4+ years of data management experience, most recently as a Data Architect where he was responsible for the Lead Master Data ETL centralization project. Conducted planning, requirements gathering, proposal, installation, deployment, and construction. Additionally, developed a multi-page insights dashboard with shareable reports in Microsoft PowerBI.

Skills: R & R Studio, Excel, Qlik, Tableau, PowerBI, Microsoft Azure, HTML, CSS, PHP, JIRA, Visual Basic, Shopify Liquid, Showit, ETL, SAP, SAP BODS, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS Access, SSIS, SSMS, Visual Studio

Compensation Requirements: $100,000+

Location: Philadelphia, PA (Fairmount)

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, Management Information Systems

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/1105890711248607


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Hired a Big Data Solutions Architect, formerly a Director of Data Architecture at CapTech, M.S. in Management Information Systems. 

Business Intelligence 1Hired a Senior Data Scientist, formerly a Data Scientist at Kelkoo, Ph.D. in Computer Science.

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Hired a Cloud Systems Engineer, formerly a Software Architect at eBay Enterprise (Radial), M.S. in Management Information Systems.

Business Intelligence 2Hired a Big Data Product Manager, formerly a Data Manager at Honeywell International, studied at University of Pittsburgh.