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Manager of Web Applications/Full-Stack Java Programmer

Marlton, NJ

  Available to Interview     as of:

Candidate Overview: Has over 10 years of professional experience as a full-stack Java programmer working in a variety of roles, from hands-on programming to team lead.

Current Work Status: Manager of Web Applications from 2008 to present.

Outlook: Currently looking for a new opportunity in the Philadelphia metro area that he can continue growing and contributing. Open to opportunities in the Philadelphia, PA area. 

Current Compensation: $135K

Education: Temple University, Bachelor’s Degree, Mathematics

Skills: Team Lead, Java, SQL, AngularJS, SOAP, Spring, Hibernate, Maven, Jenkins, Apache, AWS, JIRA

Recruiter Notes

Target Locations: Open to opportunities in Phladelphia and suburbs closer to NJ.

Tell me about your recent work, or the projects you’ve been involved in. Works for a holding company moving from one ERP program to another, changing over tables, data, make everything match up. Web services also changed completely, CRM systems. Zendesk integration. Process of enhancing to handle different support tickets. 

What has your role been and how many team members were on your team? He’s the team manager, has also managed offshore resources at times, depends on the project, sometimes solo and sometimes up to 5 team members. 

If you were technically tested, where do you think you would do really well? Core java, full stack java, DB tables, schema, query, query optimization, through middleware and through front-end. 

When have you had to refactor legacy code? All the time, part of ERP conversion now, feels comfortable doing, goal is for easily understanding resulting code and being very readable for easy testing, he describes it like dieting - painful when doing it but nice to see the results at the end.

Are you familiar with the SOLID principles? Yes.

Are you familiar with design patterns such as decorator, factory, singleton, and observer? Yes, depends on the situation what he uses and what would be most effective.

What type of source control / version control are you most familiar with? Mostly SVN onsite, personally GIT, and migrating towards GIT internally.

Have you ever had to design a highly scalable system? Has architected most of the java apps internally, DB layers and middleware, architected to be highly available and easily accessible, around million req per day.

What experience do you have with distributed applications/systems or with SOA? A fair amount, system integrated between ERP and CRM, Zendesk is also integrated with cloud-based provider. 

Tell me about your work on databases. Do you also have experience with NoSQL databases? A lot of SQL, Oracle, MySQL. NoSQL- just with Apache Solr and Lucene.

Have you ever designed a data pipeline?  Heavily involved with data, his strength is dealing with layers between data and backend and middleware.

What’s your preferred company style? Working with good people and good technology is what’s important to him. He wants to be able to mentor and learn from those around him.

Are you involved in any tech communities? Java related LinkedIn groups

Expert Skills

Java, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, XML/XSLT, SOAP, REST, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Log4j, JUnit, TestNG, jQuery/UI, Bootstrap, Telerik Kendo, Grunt, Ant, Maven, Jenkins, Subversion, Git, JRebel, Eclipse, Toad, Cygwin, UltraEdit, JBoss, Tomcat, Apache, NGINX, Linux, Apache Solr, WebSphere, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Mailgun, JIRA, Balsamiq, shell scripting, Android development, Lotus Notes


Temple University, Bachelor’s Degree, Mathematics

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