Senior JavaScript Engineer ($120K-$180K / Equity / Employer-Paid Benefits / Help Cure Cancer / $25M Series C Startup)


Syapse makes precision medicine a routine part of cancer care.

You have so many choices of places to work in the big data world, but what options could allow you to be part of a team helping to cure cancer, stop heart disease, and deliver the right drugs to the right people at the right time with the right software?

Join a successful venture-backed team in building software to significantly improve outcomes for people with cancer, cardiovascular, pediatric, and other life-threatening conditions. Be proud to know that your work has helped to improve patients’ health.

What We Do?

We have built a cloud-based SaaS solution to serve healthcare providers at the cutting edge of precision medicine. The service is based upon a data platform that combines semantic technologies, data integration, and a scalable, enterprise back end to provide a unique foundation for medical applications that use genomic and other molecular data. On top of this platform we develop a suite of single-page JavaScript applications, with innovative, semantic metadata-driven interfaces.

How Do We Do It?

The software helps healthcare providers use next-generation genomic and molecular data, in context with complex clinical data (medical history, treatment, outcomes, cost, etc.) spread across multiple systems, to make the best decisions regarding patient care.

The team of experts including physicians, biologists, software engineers, and others at the top of their game building a complex, powerful system in a challenging and collaborative environment. The team members come from top schools including Stanford, Cal, UC Davis, Yale, UCLA, and UC Santa Cruz, and from influential companies such as Google, 23andMe, and Genentech.

Benefits & Perks?

  • Competitive Base Pay
  • Equity
  • 100% Employer-Paid Benefits
  • 3 Weeks PTO
  • Emerging Startup Environment & Culture (25 employees)
  • High-Growth Startup – Tripling in size over the next 18 months

Job Description

Help design and implement a suite of web applications used to treat cancer patients.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Participate in developing a rich client layer, taking on foundation code, application components, UI widgets and other functionality as required.
  • Help evolve the architecture of the client application, to deliver advanced, responsive functionality in a clean, extensible design.
  • Build out an appropriate and efficient testing framework for the client code.
  • Be an expert on new and evolving client-side technologies, their application to our functionality or architecture goals, and the practical implications of their use in a cross-browser environment.
  • Collaborate with our Product Managers and UX designers to maximize the capabilities and usability of interfaces.


Successful candidates will have experience with Backbone,js and/or React.js, along with track records of over-performing (i.e. promotions for employees of large companies, prior employment in strong engineering organizations, etc.), worked at top companies and graduated from top schools, teamwork and technical skills are critical.

Candidates with track records that demonstrate passion, a high degree of integrity, and leadership will more likely proceed to a phone screen. We seek teammates to write code, rather than architect or manage, who have shipped an actual product that was used in the marketplace. Will not consider candidates who are serial contractors. Candidates are responsible for their own relocation costs, but we will help coordinate a move. Job hoppers (consistently moving jobs every 1-2 years) need not apply.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Minimum of five years experience developing JavaScript-based thick (many thousands of lines) web applications.
  • Expert-level knowledge of advanced JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.
  • Familiarity with modern thick-client architecture (e.g. lightweight MVC) required.
  • Experience with Backbone.js and/or React.js.
  • Experience optimizing the performance of complex Javascript applications.
  • Experience building advanced dashboards.
  • Startup experience is a major plus.

Additional Information

Your application will be reviewed within 24-hours. If there’s a match, Brad or Andra will be in contact to coordinate a phone interview. Thank you.


  • Round 1 = Phone Interview with Brad or Andra (15 minutes)
  • Round 2 = Phone Interview with Team Members (30-minutes)
  • Round 3 = In-Person Interview with Team Members (60-90 minutes)
  • Round 4 = Decision

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