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Certified Salesforce Administrator 1Certified Salesforce Administrator with 12+ years of experience working on the Salesforce platform. Currently working in the SaaS industry.

Skills: 3 Salesforce Certifications (Advanced Administrator, Administrator, and Platform App Builder), Lightning UI, Workflow Automation

Compensation Requirements: $110,00+

Location: Phoenixville, PA

Recruiter Notes: Been working with SF since 2007 or so…. was one of those “accidental Admins”… discovered she was good at it and she kept doing more and more with the product… morphed into full-time SF admin for the team…. got the cert… wants to keep working on SF…. took an “admin to dev” course earlier this year to learn some background on the development side… would love to learn more about that, although not sure she’d ever want to do that part of it full time… likes the admin side too.

She left previous employer because lots of changes…. had promised her a raise, wasn’t coming… management changes… started looking lightly, had the interview with current company and it seemed a good fit, so she moved on… not actively looking but open…. she’s a “business systems consultant” doing the technical SF stuff…. they have BAs who handle the Level 1 easy stuff…. then she handles the more complex changes, or troubleshooting or research or building/designing new solutions… etc….. although her title is “consultant” she is a full time in house employee with them….

She’s used to “doing it all” as she was at her previous role… in current role not working with end users as much and really misses it…. so the role sounds really good to her.

Are you doing any Salesforce training?
Did it all at previous role… driving adoption, making sure they’re using it right, etc..

Tell me about what you’re doing IN Salesforce
Expertise is really in coming up with creative solutions…. using workflow and approval processes and process builder…. very strong on that side…. Also good at reporting and dashboards. Using Lightening right now…. background in that… moving current company over to Lightening… doing a lot of testing in Lightening… Likes to stay up to date with reading blogs and doing free Webinars and training so she can keep up with what’s new, or maybe a better way to do things…. figuring out how it can do even more for the company…. Likes to get everyone on board with using it, feels it’s really under-utilized at many companies… does open office hours so people feel comfortable just walking into her office to answer questions…. Currently she’s not as hands-on with the end users and she misses that interaction…. also loved designing new solutions and solving problems.

Are you able to make recommendations for improvement?
Yes, been doing that for a while now…. was the SME on Salesforce at previous role… would give ideas for a solution to upper management… very comfortable with that interaction.


  • Lightening – yes
  • Apex and Visualforce – not a developer, but can read it and know what it does…. she’s troubleshot basic code and tweaked it or fixed it…. so basic stuff, yes… interested in moving forward in this direction…. took a class to increase her knowledge on this side… but not really hands-on with the coding side…
  • DemandTools and Data Loader, yes hands-on with both of those… feels adept at that type of work/ manipulation
  • Learning Pardot now, something she’s interested in, but not using it at the moment… current role is merging two organizations with Pardot onto one instance, so she’s able to learn how that works from the get-go…. nowhere near an “expert”
  • CPQ – has not done any work with this but would love to learn it… great tool…. on her list of things she’d love to work with
  • Worked with Service Cloud in the past….. they have Oracle ServiceCloud at her job now…. has worked with ServiceNow as well… nothing with Gainsight or ZenDesk
  • SaaS / Product background – current employer is a software company, so they have on-prem and cloud-based product…. previous company was manufacturing, building materials, which was another reason she left, she wanted to get more hands-on with a software company, would allow her to be more hands-on with other elements of Salesforce that the company would never need, wanted to be more tech-focused
  • Agile – yes, they are doing 2 weeks sprints

Lives in Phoenixville, PA – going to Exton is good for her.

At $105k right now…. Needs more than that…. $110k would be good for her….

401k match…Vacation is good, she has 4 weeks now…Healthcare – she has her son on her policy so she’d need that… so good coverage is important to her… She’d really have to dive into this with information around deductive… would have to thoroughly understand benefits before nailing down a final number…

Education: BA, History

Certifications: Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator, Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

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