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Certified Scrum Master 1Certified Project Management Professional, Scrum Master (Agile) and Product Owner with extensive experience in the IT industry.

Skills: DOORS Requirements Manager, DOORS Team Concert, DOORS Quality Management, JAZZ Reporting for DOORS, Mural.ly, Slack, Box, Trello, Jira

Compensation Requirements: $120,000

Location Requirements: Hampton, NJ (Lehigh Valley OK)

Interview Notes: She has been doing some IT consulting work through early Sept… she’s on an assignment right now, a bit more permanent, but still open to full-time in-house roles…. the place she’s at now is not an Agile house and they are just at the beginning stages of doing PM work so it’s not exactly the environment she’d want to be in….was a CSM but deploying a scaled agile environment which was new to the org…. helped with the org structure, training people who were first time and new to Agile, while others were very experienced… did a lot of formal training across the org to increase the maturity of the org and increase the understanding of the principles… helping them learn how to do a sprint, a retrospective, etc…. employer had 39 squads, 8 tribes….. very well familiar with Agile across teams… as you add layers into the structure of the org you tend to pull in some PM work as well for reporting and deadlines, is used to doing that as well… Certified SM and PO….primarily responsible for the DevOps team and they were building a brand new DevOps environment, so it was a very clean slate….. no transformation…. was a “clean environment” for building and deploying DevOps and CI/CD into an organization…. wasn’t a big struggle… hardest thing was working to get the environment up and running and training the other squads on how to now introduce your code, do your builds, how to use the tools to do orchestration, etc… a lot of involvement with DevOps team…. this was with Watson Health, which was really rigorous….Also working with the Resiliency team – developing real-time backup environment in US and UK, a lot of coding going on to support infrastructure and this team was integrating with all 39 teams, so a huge amount of collaboration, education, and understanding…. 99.99% availability and real time…. did a lot of learning on that team! Experience with large-scale application development. Mostly used IBM Rational Tools which was a complete suite of tools doing requirements management…. Team Concert which was similar to JIRA with backlogs, release, sprint, etc…. there was a connection between the tools to move your requirements backlog into Team Connect to move into the release backlog…Also used IBM Rational Quality Manager… all tools were linked… could attach code into the tools to connect to CI/CD tools and connect with quality management team (run out of Japan)…Also a Jazz reporting tool which allowed her to build scripts…Has worked in JIRA as well.

Education: B.S., Computer Science

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/765257847766845

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