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Data Architect with over 4+ years of data management experience, most recently as a Data Architect where he was responsible for the Lead Master Data ETL centralization project. Conducted planning, requirements gathering, proposal, installation, deployment, and construction. Additionally, developed a multi-page insights dashboard with shareable reports in Microsoft PowerBI.

Skills: R & R Studio, Excel, Qlik, Tableau, PowerBI, Microsoft Azure, HTML, CSS, PHP, JIRA, Visual Basic, Shopify Liquid, Showit, ETL, SAP, SAP BODS, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS Access, SSIS, SSMS, Visual Studio

Compensation Requirements: $100,000+

Location: Philadelphia, PA (Fairmount)

Recruiter Notes: The majority of what he’s doing right now as a Data Architect is the implementation of business objects, data services….that’s an SAP platform, they’re going to use to centralize all the company’s data flows….they have data in SAP, Siebel, QlikView…it’s kind of all over…the goal of his project is installing and setting up data flows…centralizing all the communication between each of the systems…along with a bunch of other ad hoc…majority of it is SQL, Postgres and SQL Server, some MySQL…now a whole bunch of SAP…lots of ETL…scheduling and creating packages with SSIS in conjunction with SQL Management Studio…most of the pipelines are built with Visual Studio…they also have Snowflake running…he’s very good at data profiling…being able to check a data set, seeing what’s inside, what patterns exist, where bad data exists, and then being able to transform that into a destination with clean and usable data…along with setting up pipelines, setting up a proper transformation, having it automated and then building out and architecting whatever is needed to house the source of the destination than anything along the way.

The current company has a year-end pricing process that happens annually….he led it last year…essentially he goes out and asks a little over 4k suppliers to get new pricing for the upcoming year…tons of data coming in that needs to get process approved by different departments sent back to the supplier…back to their system…eventually loaded it to the ERP and then audited….leading the auditing team…had to redo the process because it was a mess before he got there.

His expertise is just applying logic and business rules to make the data work correctly and to keep the quality as clean as possible….he set up a set series of packages, that will basically kick off in a sequence every time files are returned from suppliers….then catch the bad data as soon as he receives it, and we won’t actually put it into the system until it looks good….then audit against what was loaded and what was returned…that was one of the larger architectural projects he had…was remapping that and getting it to an automated state…can’t really automate that fully….there’s always gonna be someone with our eyes on the data, but they had it set up as best as possible to get rid of bad data and to keep the process as clean as efficiently as possible.  Wants to be with a smaller company…company has become massive with all the acquisitions they’ve made over the years…the youngest person in his department…huge age difference…want’s a good culture. Lives in Philly…near the zoo. Really nice guy…very placeable…Data Architect or BI-related role.

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, Management Information Systems

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/1105890711248607


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