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Data Engineer - Represented by IT ProsData Engineer with over 4 years of experience building big data pipelines, both as a python developer and technical lead. His most recent position is a Data Engineer for a company where he developed components of big data applications in Python using Airflow to ingest, prep, and integrate new data sources into master data tables in Redshift. Developed components of an export tool, including a web application using Flask, that generated an Airflow DAG to create deliverables of the master data to clients’ specifications. Worked on a scrum team using JIRA, git, AWS CodePipeline, and Kubernetes to collaboratively produce and deploy unit-tested and peer-reviewed production code.

Skills: SQL, Python (Airflow, SQLAlchemy, alembic, pandas, Flask, selenium, nltk), Unix: (Command-line and shell scripting), AWS (S3, Redshift, EC2, CodePipeline, Management Console), Docker, Kubernetes, git

Compensation Requirements: $117,000+

Location: Philadelphia, PA (Old City)

Recruiter Notes: great talk…Big Data Engineer at his current company…ingested data from different sources into the data warehouse (Redshift)…developed export tools… the majority of the work was python development…company is heavy on code reviews…programming for data at scale…doing SQLAlchemy data models and doing revisions…most of his work was with airflow…creating data injection pipelines…at Symphony…was working with the 2nd gen pharma audit suite…PHAST…product for pharma companies…view market activities across multiple stakeholder groups…heading the ETL…taking date from oracle database and load it into Redshift…worked with 3 junior devs in India…DMX tools and shell scripts to develop the data pipelines…he’s a very good communicator…can interface with technical and non-technical professionals…has dealt with stakeholders…Likes the healthcare space…has a science background…but open to other industries…size doesn’t matter, but really enjoys the start-up vibe…Was at $117K…$120K would be great…401K…Lives in Old City…Really nice guy.

Education: B.S. in Biological Engineering

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/1137191729214696


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