Health Care Data Analyst

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Health Care Data Analyst 1Health Care Data Analyst with 6+ years experience writing SQL & SAS scripts to be used in querying databases. Monitors database performance and execute maintenance, upgrades, and repair. Trained 3 new data analysts on the data flow, best practices, checking methods, & potential issues.


Skills: SQL, Access, Excel, SAS, R, SPSS, C++, Java, Python, Cognos, Tableau, Regexp, Power BI, SSIS, Uluro software

Compensation Requirements: $85,000+

Location Requirements: Philadelphia, PA (Manayunk)

Recruiter Notes: just passively curious at this point… working in a new department, they take text files of data and create standardized statements for hospitals and doctors… they use a text converter software to take all types of data formats and standardize it…. they do a lot of quality assurance, check each other work, both independent and collaborative work…prior work in SQL, there were some projects that were ad hoc, where she’d have to figure something out for a provider or a hospital, like what are the most expensive procedures… ad hoc reporting, using SQL queries… no work with Hive….SQL development, about 3 years total solid development work…. worked like 70 hour work weeks! all in SQL…. feels strong in SQL, would excel in a coding exercise…used SSIS and SSRS…. also doing a Udemy course on Tableau to come up to speed on that….To make a move she’s looking for getting hands-on in SQL again… likes being in a collaborative environment but also likes to be given autonomy… works well solo….Lives in Manayunk – Center City is ideal…Looking for $80k to make a move. That would be her bottom line….$85k would be better…Healthcare is important and wants at least 2 weeks PTO…Probably a promotion would make her want to stay… but her current employer is notoriously slow-moving with promotions, so it’s unlikely…. coworkers waited 4 years for a promotion… she doesn’t want to wait 4 years…. that’s the reason she’s open to new things, to move her career forward… has talked to managers over a year ago that she wants to move into a dev position…. 3 rounds of promotions have gone by and she’s not been given one…2-3 weeks notice before she can start.

Education: Master of Applied Statistics

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/549665229155062

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