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Infrastructure Cloud Engineer with 20+ years of experience working in the financial services industry specializing in all aspects of IT systems automation and lifecycle management. In a lead role for Puppet module development, testing and implementation for all AWS based nodes. Used Terraform to deploy AWS EC2 instances, ELBs, IAM roles/policies, security groups and Route53 DNS entries.

Skills: Puppet, AWS, Ruby, EC2, ELB, Route53, DNS, Disaster Recovery, AWS S3, RHEL 6/7/, Windows Server 2012, Active Directory, VMware, IaaS, vSphere, SOAP, PowerShell, C#, LDAP, Jenkins, C/C++, Bash

Compensation Requirements: $160K + 10% bonus now. Needs $160K at a minimum. Unable to take a pay cut.

Location Requirements: Open to any commute up to 1 hour from Perkasie, PA. Malvern is the farthest he’d want to go, but for the right position, it’s not an issue. Currently has work-from-home three days a week, doesn’t NEED that in a new position.

Interview Notes: He’s been more on the provisioning CI/CD side than the operations side. His experience has been in architecture and engineering. Windows and infrastructure services platforms. About 2 years ago he got into orchestration on the VMWare platform, building the automated provisioning for that. Early 2017 he transitioned from private cloud to public cloud. AWS, both from a console-management perspective as well as some Terraform and AMI development. Building out the infrastructure, the security groups, the server. After that, he got some Jenkins training for the CI/CD pipeline but not too much hands-on at work. Custom Puppet modules in Puppet DSL and Ruby for the past 6 months or so. Puppet JavaScript. Heavy C# development. Some C and C++ on Windows. PowerShell heavily, some Bash for the past year or so. Definitely Windows-heavy. Not so much on the Linux side but very willing to come up to speed on that side of things. He has had to administer Linux, but he is by no means “an expert”.

He was hired to handle particular elements of an organizational transformation. When he came in, there was little automation, no scripts. The first year he spent with VMWare and was the Tech Lead for writing all the VMware stack automation and orchestration. He presented at VMworld to talk about his experience with that.

After that was done they moved into the public cloud to AWS. So the past year he’s been heavy into the CI/CD, Jenkins, Terraform pipeline within AWS. He had to get down to a common AMI, then lay automation on top of it, laying development and production accounts on top of that. Then taking over the layering (Puppet) to add interpretations, monitoring, logging, intrusion protection, software distribution, AWS code deploy agents. Really building up from the server installation up the stack. Now he’s building the middleware implementation. MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, a little bit of WebSphere – becoming more and more automated.

So long story short, he was brought in with the specific idea of bringing changes to the organization… all of the management team that was part of the “making changes” team has been slowly being let go… his manager was let go last month, and his manager’s manager was let go a few months prior… so he’s concerned about the future of the company. The company environment has been frustrating as it’s a very top-down management style without distributing any of the decision-making down the chain. They are “Agile” but they don’t have regular Scrum meetings. The team environment is not great and he’d like to join a company where he can work with people together, contribute as a team, collaborative, with a common goal, able to help one another and mentor one another. He’d like to shift into a true Agile environment.

Wants stability in his next role. Has been exclusively in the financial services industry, that’s all he knows. So he’s not sure how well he’d translate into something outside of that niche since that’s all he knows. He likes to learn new things and pick up new technology and be challenged. He hadn’t worked with VMware before, and then he ended up presenting at VMworld about the work he’d done… so he’s a quick study.

Technical Experience:

  • C# and C++ and .NET strongest coding language. Also some JavaScript, specifically with relation to Puppet and VMWare.
  • No container experience.
  • IaC – yes – with Terraform and related to AWS and driven by Jenkins for the CI/CD pipeline. – they implemented IaC with VCenter in a proprietary way, related to the automation – go into Service Now and select a few elements you needed, they would feed into the automation pipeline (similar to how you’d feed a Terraform script into Terraform) and out the other end you’d get a server that was deployed based on the specifications needed… not just writing IaC but also writing the tools that would be needed… he’s very deep into the layers of the programming…. even with Puppet, he’s got extensive experience writing the Puppet-type providers that take the Puppet expressions and implements the procedural languages to enforce the code. Working wth Ruby for that.
  • Chaos testing…. he’s not working with that, although he understands the model… they’re not doing it… same with TDD, he’s not formally working with it but he tries to implement it into his own coding… creates code to test the code as he’s developing and testing… very familiar with TDD in his own work.
  • just starting to get into micro-services… they do have some but  they don’t do it with containers… they do it with VC2 instances (which he realizes is wasteful)… he understands what it is.

Education: Associates, Specialized Technology – Electronics Engineering Technology

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