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Lead Software Engineer with 6+ years of experience as a Software Developer/Engineer/Scrum Master for two technology-focused companies. Currently, manages the day-to-day or the development team for $80MM+ line of business. Architected and delegated scaled solutions to projects across UI, API layer and relational database. Develop C#/.NET based Windows and Web services, RESTful APIs, and plugin NuGet support packages.

Skills: C#/C/C++, .NET 4.5, REST/SOAP API, AngularJS, Typescript, SonicMQ, Python, Powershell, NUnit Testing, Linux, Microsoft Server, MS SQL, Oracle, SVN

Compensation Requirements: $110,000+

Location: Wilmington, DE

Recruiter Notes: Been with his current employer for 4.5 years… started as .NET dev… grew to Sr Software Engineer… was that for about 1.5 years… now a Tech Lead… leveraging technical and product knowledge against managing the team… he’s a manager in name, but no direct reports yet according to HR… handles the day to day of the team, but no performance reviews “officially”…. That’ll be the next step, to Team Lead…Would be looking for a technology challenge….he’s been spending his free time looking at Python in the context of ML… that’s what he’d love to be doing in a new role… freedom and ability to learn new tech…his current employer is great but he’s not really able to get his hands on anything new… and it’s starting to feel very comfortable, not challenging…Not professionally working with Python. All work is in .NET. Would need latitude to come up to speed and learn. Can bring all his senior-level soft skills. Code quality management, etc. Wants to learn…Is full stack, but is “getting by” in Angular on the front end… Most of his career on the middle layer…. Business logic…. Some comfort with relational databases….Tries to push himself to be better at design and styling, not a UI/UX expert but likes to make it look good…. No cloud currently, but years ago did some AWS, understands it as a platform, no current professional work with cloud at current employer….From a dev point of view, his comfort level is with table formation and how the data should look and behave at rest… has also taken non-ideal data and cleaned it, found ways to report off of it, make it do what he wants… that’s the same with his “on the side” python/ML work…. Trying to take data that was meant for a medical study, clean it up, make it useable, get a machine model out of that…Wilmington, DE – OK with Center City, close to the train in Claymont, DE, so that’s OK, likes the idea of being on a train vs driving…$ is tough conversation… depends on a lot of elements….For something closer to his skill set where he can hit the ground running: $115k bottom line…likes the idea of being with a small company…Scrum Master Certified, been doing that for 2 years… great soft skills….SUPER WELL SPOKEN guy… really really nice guy.

Education: Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering

Certification: Certified Scrum Master

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/133529131347698

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