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Lead UI Engineer - Sourced by IT ProsLead UI Engineer with 9+ years of web development experience, most recently as Lead Product Developer where he architected React/Redux UI for an IoT service. Helped integrate React/Redux UI with Sitecore. Previously, acted as the point of contact to clients for front-end/UX needs.

Skills: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Golang, PostgreSQL, Ruby, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, Git, React (Redux/Flux), Jest, jQuery, SASS, Rails, CI/CD, API, UI/UX, Sitecore

Base Salary Requested/Accepted: $150,000 / $150,000

Location: Philadelphia, PA (Fishtown)

Recruiter Notes: Passively looking…Lead UI Engineer…part of a group of company-like organizations under a larger company’s strategic development department…every singe organization functions as it’s own little start-up…basically a mini-company…about 90-100 employees…current focus is in the IoT realm…when first started at the company, he was the only developer now about 9 people…about 2-3 applications…started those…actively developing the applications…his focus is on developing the bigger features and is involved with planning releases, features…interfacing with QA/Designers/Product & Project Managers…his role has been evolving but very much a leadership role with lots of coding…these days he’s both Lead UI Engineer and backend heavy coder in Golang…most of the products operate under a SaaS model…for example, they have a centralized single-tenet software which operates under SaaS…but also have one-off individual products that are not SaaS based but have continued support… the main team is about 6 engineers, but also assists another team 3 developers working on legacy products…also interfaces with leads on another separate core development team which codes infrastructure…current company is a mixed bag of tech stacks…his team is web-based..entire UI is built on React which Redux as state management…a little bit of node…Golang on the backend…Postgres database…other teams are using Python and Ruby…his expertise is in the UI..it’s been his bread & butter for years…does code reviews and establishes UI standards for the team…big focus on usability, accessibility…making sure the UX build is actually functional or possible. He wouldn’t accept a counter if he had a good offer on the table. Did agency-based work…client asked for something, build it then start from scratch for the next client…wanted to get into the product realm which is my he joined his most recent employer…Looking for $160K base…would settle for $150K…really cares about healthcare benefits…401K is nice to have…Lives in the Fishtown area…wants to stay in the city for work.

Education: Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/8675671697423

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