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Manager of Customer Success with 9+ years of Account Management, and Customer Success experience with direct supervision over 5 Lead Customer Success Managers and 35+ Customer Success Managers. Helped grow his current employer from 20 to 110+ employees. Raised client retention rate from 83% to 89%, along with CSAT score from 8.7 to 9.3

Compensation Requirements: $90,000+

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Recruiter Notes: 20th employee, small startup, then acquired about a year ago, and merged with 2 other competitors…. so been with same company essentially almost 4 years… Very similar role with escalations of clients and tough conversations… oversees a team of 5 Lead CSMs…. Each one of those has 5-8 direct reports…. Total debarment is about 38 people…. Performance review, coaching conversations, etc…. It is a SaaS company….. when a client works with the company, they’re running fund-raisers, usually non-profits…. The customer buys the software and his dept works with them in a high touch white glove model… training and onboarding…. day to day coaching of the team, KPIs, etc…. He will handle tough conversations with clients….He is not hands-on with clients currently, he’s managing the team…. He started off hands-on with implementation…. They have 3 service models, the most generic is a DIY…. His team is the high touch white glove team, so they are very proactively dealing with customers…. There are scheduled implementation calls during the 3-6 months set-up, so that is fairly scheduled and structured, based on what each customer needs….. some customers are talking with daily…. Others may be using the software for the 3rd year in a row and need less scheduled followups…. But they are all one-on-one with the clients….  Build a relationship, build a rapport…. Don’t want to be seen as just a “vendor” but as a partner in the company’s success…..Likes people management, he feels he excels at that side of things…. Likes coaching and watching team members grow…. Likes start-ups, misses elements of those days where you can really make an impact, like “hey, here’s a gap, here’s how we can fix it”…. The company was 22, then grew to 114, and now he’s part of a huge company that just makes acquisitions… over 3000 employees…. Lots of red tape…. Prefers smaller companies… Lives in Philly, currently is full-time remote, they do have offices in Center City. Prefers remote, or part-time remote. Is OK with Center City locations for full-time in-office. Looking for $85k bottom line to make a move. $90k is better. He’s not going to start an interview process to create leverage, not looking for a raise or something like that, he really wants to move on…. wants to be more hands-on growing the team, etc… he feels burnt out…. He helped grow this, but now with the acquisition, it’s just no longer what it used to be….. The goal is to be moved on by Sept of this year… not desperate, not taking “just anything” but a good culture fit, career growth, etc… wants to be with next company 5+ years… stability for future….Would like to give 3 weeks notice, especially since currently in a busy season.

Education: Bachelor of Science, Sport Management

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Energage, formerly Workplace Dynamics

Hired a Chief Product Officer, formerly of Jornaya (LeadiD), Monetate, GSI Commerce, Turn Tide/Symantec, studied at Rutgers University.


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Hired a Lead Java Engineer, formerly of Stitch (formerly RJMetrics), Chariot Solutions, Navteq, studied at Harvard University.


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Hired a Big Data Solutions Architect, formerly of CapTech, PennMutual, ING Direct, Accenture, studied at Carnegie Mellon University.


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Hired a DevOps Engineer, formerly of AWeber Communications, Northrop Grumman, QuiqMeds, studied at Drexel University.


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Hired a Cloud Systems Engineer, formerly of eBay Enterprise (Radial), True Action, Nazareth College, studied at University of Pittsburgh.


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