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Product Owner - Represented by IT ProsProduct Owner with 7+ years of Product Management experience, most recently as a Product Owner for a company, where he Contributed to a 5% increase in customer licenses by driving the build and launch of a new simplified financial planning tool for clients with less comprehensive planning needs. Spearheaded development efforts to release 45% of the initial set of REST APIs for external use, a back-end product for financial planning concepts and projections.  Unified Product Management and Development to pay down approximately 10-15% of technical debt each sprint to help address code that may cause problems in development, debugging, or operation.

Skills: Agile Scrum, JIRA, TFS, Confluence, Mixpanel, Veracode, Team Leadership, Product Roadmap

Compensation Requirements: $110,000+

Location: Conshohocken, PA

Recruiter Notes: Product Owner at current company, actively looking…senior leadership set some pretty unachievable and aggressive goals…2018 to 2019 with new sales revenue was 45%…company didn’t meet those goals and it’s been having a ripple effect….bonuses were slashed pretty much cut all together…laying off people and morale is shot… the head of business development and head of enterprise sales resigned…total downward spiral…all this happened recently…his team primarily works on software, application tools to support advisors and help their clients prepare for retirement and kind of life goals…building features and solutions on the website…those features and solutions are packaged together into licenses that have sold to our customers….there’s a lot of UX design that’s done from a front end perspective and development perspective…also been working heavily with an APIs…has a good sense of the business’ want’s, needs, and desires…able to translate that very well to the IT folks that build the software…good translation skills from both angles…from business to technical and then technical to business….good at translating technical speak to someone in a sales role or someone in a customer service role, or vice versa. Has been in FinTech for a while…it’s his expertise but likes to see what else is out there…not against staying in FinTech but not against leaving it. Ideally looking for $110K with a $10K bonus…minimum 100K with 10K bonus. Lives in Conshohocken…CC is fine…would commute a 10-15 mile radius Really nice guy…

Education: B.S. in Industrial Design

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/1152899112868380

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Energage, formerly Workplace Dynamics

Hired a Chief Product Officer, formerly of Jornaya (LeadiD), Monetate, GSI Commerce, Turn Tide/Symantec, studied at Rutgers University.


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Hired a Cloud Systems Engineer, formerly of eBay Enterprise (Radial), True Action, Nazareth College, studied at the University of Pittsburgh.


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