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Senior Manager of User Experience with over 25 years experience in visual and interactive design. He specializes in e-commerce, information architecture, and visual design. Lean UX & Agile focused project leadership. Disciplined in the use of research-based methodologies. Experience in responsive web, iOS & Android app design.

Skills: eCommerce, User Experience Design, Lean UX, Agile, Responsive Web, iOS, Android, IA, Adobe Suite, HCI

Compensation Requirements: Currently makes $140K + 4% company matching 401K + 78% of costs for healthcare + discretionary bonuses + 3 weeks PTO + 11 personal days. Would need $140K + 401K match + healthcare + bonuses to change jobs.

Location Requirements: Open to any commute up to 1 hour from West Chester, PA.

Interview Notes: Sr. Experience Manager for the architect team (there are 2 UX teams, one does design and one does architecture). Also manages visual guidelines team and oversees guidelines for general platform for the global company. The background is a mix of UX and graphic design. His team primarily supports new strategy design on strategy side (a different team handles production work). Uses Agile (he led a 2-year transition from waterfall methodologies), and his team is active in researching design approach (testing, feedback, approving, building out). Does one-on-ones, holds biweekly staff meetings, reviews individuals’ development plans (the company goal-setting program uses monthly goals instead of annual goals), checks in on business and personal goals for UX team. Leads roundtables where they try to recognize people who stand out and talk about industry events. Professional strengths include giving honest feedback about work (gentle yet direct), has lots of design history, enjoys mentoring a team.

Lives in West Chester. Keeping options open, not actively looking. Primarily looking to move up, so very interested in moving directly to a more senior role, but also interested in hearing about opportunities with growth potential. Expertise is in e-commerce, but also interested in health and financial industries. Always worked in corporate and likes it, open to startups if they’re well funded, has worked in agencies and doesn’t like it. Has had 11 people on the team and felt that was too many, likes 6-10 people better. Would stay with his current employer if they counteroffered with a broader role that let him become more involved with the visual side.

Education: M.A. & B.A., Computer Graphics & Graphic Design

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Energage, formerly Workplace Dynamics

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