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Senior Systems Engineer with 20+ years of experience working with and proposing the use of free and open source software at organizations ranging from small businesses to enterprise and government customers. Worked with several customers to implement cloud migration strategies including but not limited to automation of the deployment of infrastructure components using technologies such as Puppet and Chef in concert with appropriate systems baseline management. Target cloud environments included AWS and OpenStack (both hosted and on-premise).

Skills: OpenStack, Docker, Puppet, Chef, Foreman/Satellite, Linux, UNIX, Red Hat Linux servers, Windows Servers, Perl, MySQL, C, shell scripting, PHP, Java, VMware, SAN/NAS, JBoss, Apache, Websphere MQ, AWS, OpenStack, EMC Clariion/CX/VNX, Hitachi Lightning/USP/VSP, NetApp

Compensation Requirements: Prefers to be at $125K to $130K but other elements like healthcare and vacation, etc. fall into play and what she has right now is not great.

Location Requirements: Lives in Northern Liberties and has a car. Prefers being in Center City or able to commute on the train to the suburbs.

Interview Notes: 20+ years experience with Linux and UNIX systems architecture, TCP/IT networking, firewalls, VLANs, routing protocols (OSPF and BGP4), scripting in Perl, Bourne shell, sed, awk, and Python. 10+ years experience working with virtualization technologies such as Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and VMware, along with SAN, EMC Clariion/CX/VNX, Hitachi Lightning/USP/VSP, and NetApp.

Started as a consultant, and then when she became an SA. Very involved in the sales process. She likes to recommend the RIGHT fit for a customer. She likes being in-house, on-site, interacting with your group and the related groups. She feels very isolated working remotely. She’d really enjoy doing is what she’s doing now, architecture and some operations (60/40). Troubleshooting, Level 4 problems. She likes being in between infrastructure and development. She has always been on the networking/systems teams, on the infrastructure side but what she really enjoys is helping developers work with the systems, help them understand why the applications are working, looking at packet captures and APIs and why things aren’t working as they should be. She likes to apply her systems/networking/development skills in the facility of debugging application problems. She’s currently rolling out OpenShift on Kubernetes, working with Ansible to configure the software.

She started her career on the Windows side, and in the mid-2000s became more specialized on the Linux side of things. Would debug complex issues on the Windows side. She can work with both but is more comfortable on the Linux side.

  • Bash scripting (hasn’t worked with PowerShell) and is very comfortable with that, it’s been her entire life. Also works with Python and Ruby. She’s been doing systems automation since the early 2000s… before it was even “automation scripting”.
  • CI / CD / DevOps: has worked with Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Jenkins
  • Development: she’s worked with developers, familiar with Git, has exposure to Maven…. can read, understand and modify C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby… nothing with .NET but isn’t worried about picking up the understanding of that once she learns the basic syntax…
  • Lots with VMWare, OpenStack, strong virtualization using KVM
  • Debugging an application she’ll use a variety of tools depending on what the application is and what you’re looking in for… GDB, BDX, will look through code… she’ll always look at the system and the network tools first with TCP Dump, XTrace, etc. analyzing IO performance using VMStack for example…
  • Has used HA Proxy for load balancing, has also used F5 load balancers and hardware load balancers…
  • Cloud: OpenStack, which is like your on-prem AWS… has also worked with AWS… familiar with the Amazon EC2 environment… nothing with Google or Azure
  • Databases: has worked with Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MS SQL… makes it clear she’s not a DBA, will work WITH the DBAs but is not a DBA… a little bit of Sybase… has supported MongoDB but very lightly, has built it out but nothing with queries…
  • Storage:  EMC, VMX, Clarion, Hitachi, NetApp
  • SaaS: CSC was a SaaS, has the experience with that… when at RedHat she worked with a variety of customers and some of them were also SaaS companies
  • IaC: like Terraform, she doesn’t have experience with the software but the idea is the ability to write a description of what your infrastructure needs are so that the infrastructure can be laid out very quickly and automated… we see this a lot with AWS… “pets vs cattle”…. you want your infrastructure assets to be cattle not pets… writing a new one as soon as one goes down… Ansible plays directly into that so you build the underlying system and then Ansible/ Puppet/ Chef do the rest…

Education: Bachelor of Science, Information Systems

Candidate ID#: 459095918870535/475361889463003

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