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Senior Systems Engineer with over seven years of Systems Engineering experience. Most recently, managed a legacy customer system with approximately 90+ Windows/Linux virtual servers in a VMWare vSphere environment running ESXi 5.1.

Skills: VMware vSphere, Cloud Computing, SDLC, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, (AWS) Amazon Web Services, Agile Methodology, Windows Server Administration, Ansible, Server Virtualization

Compensation Requirements: $110K

Location Requirements: Open to any commute up to 30-minutes from Royersford. Not interested in Center City.

Interview Notes: Currently employed at a large enterprise in the suburbs since graduating college. Started as an Intern and now is a full-time employee nine years later. For the past 6 years, he has flipped-flopped between 2 different programs. The first program was mostly international work, where he did requirements management, writing test procedures, managing action items for the internal team and the customer, lots of upfront legwork for when a program spins up and before the systems build. Then he started to be more hands-on technically and moved over to be part of a Tier 2 team that remotely managed a site down in VA for a classified customer. He was on that team for about 3 years, working with VMWare, VSphere, a mix of Windows and RHEL environment, lots of troubleshooting, lots of licensing. He also worked with AWS and Ansible. The customer decided not to move forward with that program after about a year and a half and the program went away. There were 40-50 people on that program and they all got reassigned to new programs.

  • Scripting: maybe this is where he feels the weakest out of everything we talked about… most comfortable with Bash…talked about code challenge and he doesn’t feel worried or concerned about it.
  • DevOps / CI / CD: Ansible is the only thing he’s ever used for automation (nothing with Puppet or Chef but they’re similar)
  • Cloud: AWS
  • Windows / Linux: prefer Linux but can work in Windows… is currently in a mixed environment and no problem working in one.
  • SaaS / Application support: not really…. programs ramp up, ramp down, use different technologies unless you stay with one program for 10+ years, you’re really not supporting “one application”…. they do have custom software and he’s supported individual software programs being deployed to the customers…. some components are service-based and some are not….
  • Not a developer but can /read/understand C++ and Java… not really with .NET
  • IaC: not familiar with the term but he gave me the example of writing a script with Ansible to provision a performance environment (150 – 200 servers) to automate the process, you tell it how much storage and RAM and CPU and how many cores it needs, give it the specs on the instance type, etc…. he did do that on his last program, wrote the script to do that and uses it to build up the environments in AWS
  • Storage: Elastic Block with AWS, some NetApp
  • Databases: most SQL but isn’t very hands-on unless it’s broken
  • VMware and VSphere, for the past 3 or 4 years but has never used HyperV

Education: B.S., Information Sciences & Technology and M.S., Information Sciences

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/475473935934296

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