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Senior UI/UX Product Designer 1Senior UI/UX Product Designer with 10+ years experience creating strategies, concepts, designs, and executions for dozens of clients including top fashion e-commerce retailers. Promoted to lead all product design efforts for the Enterprise Products side of the organization. Facilitate design sprints to research, understand, prototype, and test solutions in week-long iterations. Mentor junior designers.


Skills: UX, UI, Interaction Design, User Centered Design Methodologies, IA, Graphic Design, User Research, Usability Testing, A/B Testing, Rapid Prototyping, Omni-Channel Design, Design Sprints, User Flows, Content Marketing, Data-Driven Design, Sketch, Adobe CC, Wireframes, Agile.

Compensation Requirements: $115,000+

Location Requirements: Conshohocken, PA

Recruiter Notes: Currently a Sr Product Designer… almost 8 years…started as a web designer and grew through the ranks there… learned so much in one company, very great opportunity with them… but been there now 8 years so although she enjoys it, feels like it might be time to move on…. scary to think about something new, but feels she could learn and grow with a new company… current employer has had 3 different leadership teams in her 8 years with them, so has felt like 3 slightly different companies, bc each leadership team has different ways of doing things… the first team was to get the org off the ground, was a startup…. 2nd group was sales focused, they had to get partners into the network, so they popped that bubble… 3rd team is product focused… trying to get product suite out for retail partners… has been able to grow and learn just from all those different leadership styles…

2 years ago promoted from Sr UI/UX designer to Sr Product designer… she was really doing the same thing already but it was a title change… so UX is still a huge part of what she does, but in her Product role, she’s creating really cohesive flows for the user to get from point A to point B…. in very understandable easy and cohesive way… visual design, wireframes, information architecture, etc…. also some user research, they have a small 1 person “user research team” so that person does a lot more of it, so this is not her strength but she does do some of it…. has to wear many hats… probably prefers the UI side over the UX side… really likes doing it all, likes the “solving the puzzle” piece…. they really do it all… goal is to restructure and have the product designers focus on whiteboards and flowcharts, figuring out the user flow, nailing that down 100% and not paying attention to visual design at all, but they currently don’t have a visual design library which creates a lot of elements, so they’re looking to move towards a new structure where there is a dedicated visual design to do visual overlay over everything… she likes the user experience more than the visual part of it….

super fast moving… 100+ partners on the enterprise side and a whole network of consumers working with retail partners… so she’s making decisions on the fly and working on multiple things at a time through a day… tight turnaround… sales team goes out and sells things to retail partners, things that are not even built yet, but are only thought about… so when the sales team sells it, then they have a deadline to launch this new element…. likes the fast pace… ship it quick, do it right the first time, and know that iteration will be coming up, we’ll learn from it, we’ll test it, and we will have to edit it and improve it…. they are “agile” and do sprints but she’s not able to go to all of them bc she’s working on so many different projects, so they are “agile” but they are moving way too quickly to actually follow it strictly… it wasn’t working for the creative team, although the dev team follows it more closely… she understands how it’s supposed to work but they are really not adhering to it…

Thought she might want to stay in e-comm or fashion but that is so limited…. the current employer is really family friendly, and located in Conshy, where she lives, so currently commutes just a few minutes… that’s a huge convenience and that’s huge…. and works from home 2 days a week, set schedule….

Currently at a $115k base, no bonus – would be looking for at least that.
Health benefits through husband so not a top priority.
25 days off, and they roll over, so she’s had some years with 30+ days off.
Plus major holidays.

Education: BFA in Graphic/Interactive Design

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