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Senior Web Developer with 9+ years of experience as a web developer building website and web applications using PHP, Drupal, and JavaScript. Recently accepted a position in the Lehigh Valley region as a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer. Has fun working on startup ideas as side projects. Received multiple awards for business plan competitions to hackathons.

Skills: Python, Java, PHP, C/C++, JavaScript, React,js, React Native, CSS, HTML, XML, JSON, AJAX, Drupal, WordPress, Restful APIs, Git, CI, ChatBots, MySQL, SQL Server,

Base Salary Requested/Accepted: $120,000/$120,000

Location Requirements: Allentown, PA

Recruiter Notes: Currently a senior web dev… the work environment is great, the work team is really nice… not actively looking to make a move… is a small agency, has given him a lot of good experience, he’s kind of a guy who does it all, front and back end, Salesforce, Drupal, etc… mostly building websites with Drupal… he’d like to step out of the Drupal world and do more with different and new tech, more custom dev work…. does javascript, react, redux, PHP framework like symphony on the side for side work, but very limited at work professionally because they are just so tied to Drupal…. would like to expand skills and utilize what he’s doing on the side professionally…. job description was very interesting to him, gave him the sense of the work they’d be doing, they’re working with new tech and that’s what he really likes to see…


  • Drupal CMS with PHP and some custom modules
  • built an application recently using React and Redux, can share that
  • some Python personally for training purposes
  • built a side project using Flask to build APIs recently, was a RESTful API application
  • experience in PHP is > Python, used Symphony 3 and 4 to use RESTful APIs to work with React, Redux
  • YES – very willing to learn additional languages and frameworks as needed… you need to grow as things are changing, otherwise, you get left behind
  • Linux
  • a little bit with Angular.JS but not too much, did some work so he could be familiar with it
  • using React more recently and used to work with jQuery in conjunction with PHP
  • the application he built was built on Node.js
  • not in an Agile Scrum environment although he is familiar with it – they have a very small team – they do daily meetings – they use Git workflow and try to keep things organized within the workflow but it’s not 100% agile or scrum
  • ES6 / ES2015 – yes, when he builds with React he uses the ES6 standards

Are you taking a feature/service to completion (working with back-end tech through front-end implementation)?
Yes, in his current job he is full stack – works it all, front and back end. also with Linux servers and DNS.

Tell me about some of your projects: consumer-facing? large scale web applications? SaaS?
Mostly websites, some are e-comm… some projects he wants to share are data-driven applications… one hosted on cloud…. micro-services project, he’d never built that before, so he wanted to explore that.

Tell me about your level of knowledge of relational databases or data models (MySQL, SQL Server, etc)
Mostly MySQL, some MariaDB. also some NoSQL databases and some experience with graph databases.

Education: BS, Information Technology

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/418669018100325

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