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Software Developer 1Software Developer with 3-years+ of software development experience in C++ and Python. Utilized Python for data gathering, cleaning, analysis, and visualization scripts to automate tasks to increase efficiencies resulting in substantially fewer labor hours. Work with agile development team to plan and execute work during a daily scrum, biweekly sprints, and quarterly releases. GitHub and resume available upon request.

Skills: Python, C++, Java, Pandas, Docker, Linux, gdb/pdb, Bash, git, Machine Learning/NPL, HTML

Compensation Requirements: $100,000+

Location: Philadelphia, PA (Old City)

Recruiter Notes: Looking to take a more software-driven role, either Python or C++ although prefers python… is comfortable with both… wants personal career growth and thinks python will give him that…. About 3 years total experience…Currently, a software developer works on simulation, involves design work and heavy C++ on a day-to-day basis, lots of writing in C++…. TDD development… tests his code at his desk, unit testing, tests scenarios, etc…. and then he reviews the tactical code before it goes to official testing…Python…self-taught before going back to school, and now studying and working with this in school. Would be open to doing a coding challenge in this, he’d probably lean towards it over C++, very comfortable with Python. C++ – his strongest focus, strength, very open to working with that as well. Agile – yes. Cloud – no. Data – yes, but not databases is working on his own time to study, scraping HTML code and putting it in data frames… no SQL, etc. Lives in Philadelphia – may move closer to Old City in the summer. He is used to commuting, never worked in CC, would like to keep it under 35 minutes. Has a car. A lateral move would be $95k. Would like a bump, but knows he’s looking to move into a new language without “professional experience”. So $ depends on a few things. The current employer also covers up to $12k in tuition and would have to pay back what’s been paid out in the last calendar year ($12k). Would probably really need to be at $100k. Really nice guy, really well spoken.  Scheduling interviews now. Interested in full-time job opportunities only. Contact us to learn more.

Education: Bachelor’s, Aerospace Engineering and Data Science

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Energage, formerly Workplace Dynamics

Hired a Chief Product Officer, formerly of Jornaya (LeadiD), Monetate, GSI Commerce, Turn Tide/Symantec, studied at Rutgers University.


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Hired a Lead Java Engineer, formerly of Stitch (formerly RJMetrics), Chariot Solutions, Navteq, studied at Harvard University.


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Hired a Big Data Solutions Architect, formerly of CapTech, PennMutual, ING Direct, Accenture, studied at Carnegie Mellon University.


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Hired a DevOps Engineer, formerly of AWeber Communications, Northrop Grumman, QuiqMeds, studied at Drexel University.


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Hired a Cloud Systems Engineer, formerly of eBay Enterprise (Radial), True Action, Nazareth College, studied at University of Pittsburgh.


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