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Software Developer - Represented by IT ProsSoftware Developer with 10+ years of software development experience, most recently as a Software Developer for a company, where he led the creation of their first SaaS product. Responsible for architectural design, implementation, and management of the development process with both internal and out-sourced staff. Created several internal applications designed to help with accounting, business analytics, and email deliverability, allowing for a data-driven approach to resolving issues and overall planning across the company.

Skills: Ruby on Rails, Web-based UI (CSS, JS, Coffee, Bootstrap, jQuery), Relational Database Systems (PostgreSQL, MySQL), Redis, MongoDB

Compensation Requirements: $155,000

Location: Wynnewood, PA

Recruiter Notes: Software Developer actively looking/interviewing …trouble finding Philly-based companies at the salary level he’s looking for…exploring NYC opportunities for remote roles…or some remote…NYC pays better… a couple of interviews in Philly who was interested but not was he’s looking for…been in the same industry for 11 years…wants something more mission driven…something new…not feeling challenged…comfortable…doesn’t like that…100 people employed now…fully vested…tailed end fully vested now…what has kept him so long is loyalty…hard to make the mental shift to leave…he’s there now…increasingly concerned that he’s making himself obsolete…no upward mobility…RoR guy…what he’s best at…ideally small startups are his thing…a little more financially stable…no seed round companies won’t be a fit…sizable seed or series A round type of place…React or Angular works too…a language is a language…learns the syntax…not interested in .NET or C#…OK working at an MS shop but doesn’t want to code in MS…$155K is a need…$170K ideally…wants to work at a product company…no agencies or services companies…likes work from home…OK working in an office as well…current company has been profitable for several years now…current title is IT Director…wants a senior title…title is that important though…understands startups…

Education: Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/10146442322712

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