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Software Developer with 15+ years of experience in software development and project management. Primarily focused on architecting software solutions, manage SDLC from feasibility study to deployment and maintenance. Re-architected legacy external web portals to achieve better performance and maintainability.

Skills: Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, CSS/SASS, Shell Script, C/C++, Java, Haskell, Erlang, jQuery, Bootstrap, Twig/Symphony, Node.js, Apache Solr, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, CVS, SVN, Git, Bitbucket, KIRA, BitLab, Ansible, VMware ESXi, AWS, Linux, Docker, SOAP, REST, Waterfall SDLC, Scrum, Kanban

Compensation Requirements: $130K. $125K now.

Location Requirements: Lives in West Norison near King of Prussia. Open to up to 30 or 40 minutes max commute. Ideally not interested in Center City Philadelphia, unless it was an awesome opportunity.

Interview Notes: He was hired to do maintenance and enhancement of the current software. He was the only developer in that position working with the rest of the IT Team. The role expanded to do more infrastructure related maintenance, enhancement, expanding the stack to use new technology. Very legacy-based. Moving towards the design phase of the new application. Working with compliance issues that needed to be addressed for the current application platforms. In the healthcare industry, so he had to move towards a higher trust, certified compliance platform. This would help the business development team to increase signed contracts. He’s working to build the solutions to these needs. Moving towards a more container-based solution that will allow them to scale. Working with Docker and Kubernetes. Also looking to explore moving the application to be more cloud-based, perhaps AWS. This will help them with another type of compliance that they need to meet because AWS is already compliant with that requirement and so if they move onto AWS then they’ll automatically be compliant.

His company is providing a software to their clients so clients can access the information they need. They provide the IT solutions to the clients. So they provide a software service to their clients but it’s not technically a SaaS company. The company is in the healthcare sector, specializing in health services claim reviews.

Started as 2 people, now they are 3 people on the team, small team. Always looking for ways to improve the infrastructure so that new hires, a new developer can get up to speed quickly. He’s working both as a team and independent.

Technical Experience:

  • PHP is his strength, last 5 years primarily PHP, JavaScript and also works with Perl
  • Has a background in Java and Ruby
  • Works with Go in conjunction with Kubernetes
  • Working with Kubernetes and Docker on a daily basis – he is working on the solution where the different components of the platform can be provided by a different part of the container… for example, front-end user login will be handled by a service located in one part, etc.
  • AWS – looking to make a move to AWS now – the platform is in a hosted cloud, but they want to move to AWS as it will be a quick pathway to meeting their compliance objectives…
  • Working with Ansible and BitBucket and JIRA and Bamboo on the automation CI / CD side of things…. he moved the infrastructure from legacy to Atlassian and BitBucket… it’s easy for non-developers to interact with… he’s streamlining the process so they can deploy the code into a pipeline…
  • IaC – not currently – they’ll do this once they move to AWS when they can leverage their existing code… they are not a big enough company to need to move towards IaC in-house… they’ll leverage off other companies existing code.
  • TDD – yes, but not chaos testing… he doesn’t have experience with that but he’s always open to new ways of doing things… talked about circuit-breaker way of doing things, where if you have too much current going through the line, it will trip the breaker…. so it’s the same idea… very related to micro-services…. ensuring that the services are provided in a timely fashion, especially when you have a ton of requests at one time… they are not currently a micro-services architecture but he is moving towards this… adding an API layer between the database and the platforms…. he’s been working on this for the past months…. portal calls API which calls database (instead of right now portal calls directly the databases)
  • Using MySQL databases currently, looking to move to an open source database called MariaDB which will again help with all the compliance issues they need to deal with…has also worked with Postgres with the Atlassian and bitbucket and JIRA backend…
  • Windows / Linux – he uses Windows desktop but does dev and devops work in Linux – no real preference…

Education: Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/13146110854575

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