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Software QA Engineer with 5+ years experience of business experience with the same large software company since graduating college, working within Software Engineering, DevOps automation, and Quality Assurance. Actively seeking new roles within the Philadelphia region.

Skills: Git, Chef, Ant, Bash Scripting, Oracle Database, Linux, Selenium, Jenkins, JIRA, ETL, Oracle Cloud

Compensation Requirements: $85K

Location Requirements: Prefers Philadelphia, but open to a commute < 45-minutes.

Interview Notes: Lives in Broomall but spends 90% of the time in Northern Liberties with his fiancée. Will be relocating there soon. Commutes from the city to Conshohocken currently, looking for < 45-minute drive. The city is ideal. Actively looking. Currently works on data analytics product that pulls data into data warehouse. He tests ETL process, looks at data that’s coming in and makes sure it’s correct. SQL queries the database. Constantly writing new automation with bash scripts. Works with Jenkins and Git, experienced with version control and testing processes. Favorite side project involves a product that helps people switch over to the cloud when they have mammoth amounts of data: continuous incremental updates, moving data in and out of cloud correctly and quickly, security.

Two big reasons for leaving: (1) His team keeps getting outsourced to India, downsized from 8 to 4, and the product isn’t really supported by company anymore; (2) He took over position that was pretty flushed out and has learned a lot, but isn’t able to implement his ideas. Wants to put his stamp on something. Interested in QA roles, wants to move into automation scripting or DevOps (has a lot of scripting that goes along with DevOps). Biggest strengths are problem-solving, ability to script quickly/efficiently, and his knowledge of QA tactics and anticipating customer’s needs and use of the product. Interested in learning more about Docker, but loves learning anything new. Looking for a stable job that will be around for years and where he can grow for a long time. Make-or-break is 401K (match or no match). Nice-to-have includes tuition reimbursement (studying now to take the test for grad school). Currently makes $80K. Would want $85K–90K for a DevOps role or $90K for a QA role.

Education: Bachelors, Information Systems Design & Development

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/474103208895265

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