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Sr. Software Engineer in Test - Cherry Hill, NJSr. Software Engineer in Test with 18+ years of software engineering experience, most recently as a Sr. Software Engineer in Test for a company, where he is responsible for developing and maintaining the automated testing framework, including the development of new automated end to end integration test. Instrumental in implementing a full CI/CD workflow with multiple-environmental deployments, full integration test suite, and post-deploy smoke tests. Executed performance tests in order to establish realistic performance baselines for all core product APIs.

Skills: Ruby, Selenium, Capybara, Docker, .NET, Javascript, REST and WCF Web Services, Performance Testing.

Compensation Requirements: $143,000+

Location: Cherry Hill, NJ

Recruiter Notes: awesome conversation…currently doing automated QA, that’s his focus…full end-to-end integration tests, running selenium against the 3 browsers…doing a little bit of mobile but getting out of that…some unit testing…service-to-service integration tests running through cypress…does some testing with Loadrunner…used to use SoapUI and NUnit…running tests in Jenkins…last 8 months they’ve been going full CD to production…any time one of their application branches checks in it runs through all the different tests…runs their integration tests through Jenkins and if all the stages pass it moves to a stage deploy…everything is being done through Kubernetes…he’ll run through a stage deploy to a staging environment and will run the entire pipeline again for continuous integration…in the stage environment, they’ll do a small subset of smoke tests against their actual stage environment with live accounts…if all those pass, they they’ll do an automatic deployment to prod with the same set of smoke test against production and if everything is good then there in prod if there are any issues they’ll do an auto-rollback and address. 8 people on the QA team….there are 3 different QA teams assigned to each different business strategy. Instructure is getting acquired and there’s a lot of uncertainty…brought in to get their automated solution set up…wrote the entire suite that covered all the functionality…there’s not a whole lot to do day-to-day now…it’s time to start looking for an opportunity where he can make a significant contribution. Looking for $150K, would consider $143K min, depending on the entire package…health insurance and decent 401K match are important. Lives in South Jersey…takes the train to CC…Awesome conversation…great communicator…nice guy

Education: Bachelor of Science, Management Information Systems (MIS)

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/30346311626099

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