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Systems Administrator Represented by IT ProsSystems Administrator with 13+ years of IT experience, most recently as a Systems Administrator for a company, where he provides Azure, Hyper-V and VMware administration and support. Provides virtual infrastructure deployment and configuration. Performs Azure backup configuration, DPM management, and NetBackup administration.

Skills: Azure, Hyper-V, VMware, AWS (IAM, S3, Route53, CloudWatch, EC2, RDS), JIRA, Confluence, Salesforce, SQL Server, Windows Server

Compensation Requirements: $100,000

Location: Chester Springs, PA

Recruiter Notes: Been at his current company as a Systems Administrator for 9 years…likes the company…not actively looking but will always network with recruiters if they reach out to him, especially on LinkedIn. Currently doing hosting administration in the cloud…was doing standard IT desk-side support when he originally came on-board and was working with the cloud team for 1.5 years. Doing AWS administration…maintaining and setting up servers…5 environments (Testing, development, production, etc)…also maintains VPN servers, security programs, and databases (Amazon and SQL Server)…only really using SQL for 1 year…doesn’t write SQL scripts but implements them. SQL Server: Not really, just implementing scripts…no replication, mirroring, or SSRS…No T-SQL. Monitoring tools: Yes, Alert Logic and Uptrends…Alert Logic captures everything inside and outside the infrastructure…Uptrends monitors the primary production system and they tie that with an application called PagerDuty. Windows Failover Clustering: No direct experience. Office 365: Yes, was the main Office 365 admin in a previous role Virtualization: Yes, vSphere & vRealize when doing IT support…deployed images, user machines, etc Powershell: Yes, uses it all the time. Really like cloud infrastructure, so anything cloud administration, but would also entertain general system administration, security, and even DevOps if it correlates with his skillset. Lives in Chester Springs…wants a 30min max commute. Really looking for 100K to make a move guaranteed…anything under would really need to consider the whole package. Great guy…well spoken…

Certifications: A+ Certified Professional: Remote Support Technician, Comp TIA, HDI Support Center Analyst, HDI Desktop Support Technician

Education: Bachelor of Science, Information Sciences and Technology

Candidate ID#: 1162532007605821/852258243362974

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