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UI/UX Designer 1UI/UX Designer with 6+ years of experience focused on improving user experience and bringing new features and updates to digital products through an agile workflow. Came up with new product and experience ideas to help build up innovation in the company as well as audit existing UX workflow and help find solutions to increase efficiency and ability to produce wires, visual, and redline documents for developers.


Skills: PC and MAC operating systems Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects Sketch, Justinmind, Axure, Invision User Experience Design, User Interface/Mobile and Web Interface Design, Digital Prototyping, Typeface Design, Branding, Film & Digital Photography, Packaging, Video Editing

Compensation Requirements: $90,000

Location Requirements: Philadelphia, PA (South Philly)

Recruiter Notes: UX/UI but over past 6+ months had a lot of problems retaining designers so he’s doing more marketing design…. so now he’s passively looking because he wants to do more UI/UX… by “marketing design” he means emails, print ads, banner ads for google and facebook, etc… not very fulfilling… wants a good blend of UI/UX… a lot of UI is graphics focused but UX is the meat of the product design… would like to be part of the process of the user experience… Has done a lot where he’d build UI designs off of UX research – but someone else was doing the UX work…. the visual interpretation of that is what his strong suit….just started doing 2-week sprints. In the past was very ad hoc – what does the CEO want us to work on today? So now they have put some more structure in place. It’s been really good.

Loves seeing something come from an idea to a finished product…loves seeing the process from beginning to end and seeing tangible results… recently did a big project…he re-designed the “design studio” that customers use on the website…. it was so cool to go from a design studio that hasn’t been touched in 5 years, really needed an update… cleaned out the closet, updated all the UI and improved the entire experience… analytics show that customer orders increased 10% and customers are using more of the tools in the online studio and are more engaged in the design studio and design process… now they do more than just loading an image… trying out the other tools like clip art and other options… engagement increased.

All starts with the research, talk to customers, understand if customers are seeing a problem that he’s seeing…. he can do a visual audit and say “yeah this UI is inconsistent”…. so need to deep dive into what customers want/need… than what problems can we solve… then iterate on that…. see results….

Test it. Do A/B testing. Throw 2 ideas out there and then see what the numbers say.

Niche situation… the typeface on design studio…. casual convo with boss… needed an update… was a big fan of that and stepped up and showed him “here’s existing” vs “here’s competitor”…. CEO wanted to go overboard and get 100k fonts…. so he explained “we don’t need it all, we just need better curation of what we do have”…. so he got to use logic and explain a good solution. Usual workflow…

  1. Identify the problem or the “ask”….. Come up with a clear goal, what we are looking to improve/change…. needs to be very clear to start with… if you’re clear on what needs to be improved and why, then it’s much easier to understand if your fix really made an improvement…. wants to understand the “why” behind changes….
  2. Then testing and research with customers, make small iterations to see if a small change will have an effect…..

The UI is the end stage of the process, so you have to do all these steps first so that the UI is done quickly and efficiently in the end.

  • wireframe
  • storyboards
  • user flows
  • process flows
  • sitemaps
  • prototyping
  • UI/UX research
  • journey mapping

Lives in South Philly. CC is best. Bought a house. Can drive to Exton 2-3 times a month. Pretty good where he is now at $84k, but would really want a bump, especially if he’s going to be mentoring a Jr Designer…. he’s ready to step into that but not doing that now. Benefits are less important to him.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design Communication

Candidate ID#: 286140598672397/37567714114131

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