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Executive Data Architect - $200,000+
Coatesville, PA

Executive Data Architect with 17+ years of experience in the field. This candidate has a demonstrated history of managing business operations and promoting organizational growth. This candidate has experience leading and motivating technology teams for maximum efficiency and production.

Skills: Data Governance, Data Aggregation, Data Pipelines, Data Architecture, Event-Driven Architectures, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, SQL, .NET, Web Services and Agile Methodologies

Education: BS Computer Science

Big Data Developer - $115,000+
Ardmore, PA

Big Data Developer  with 5+ years of experience in the field. At his last position this candidate was responsible for creating and maintaining data exports for customer delivery along with assisting in designing and developing a new data warehouse. This candidate maintained 100+ exports with an estimated value of over $7M in annual revenue.

Skills: C#, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Python, Raspberry Pi 1-3, Arduino Uno, PSoC 4

Education: BS Electrical Engineering, BS Computer Engineering

Data Scientist - $128,000+
Morton, PA

Data Scientist with 6+ years of experience in the field. At his last position, this candidate took a large role which included; developing new products, building lead scoring models and ad-hoc analysis.

Skills: Machine Learning, Predictive Analysis, Deep Learning

Education: Master’s Degree in Applied Sciences, Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Sciences

Data Scientist - $120,000+
Collingswood, NJ

Data Scientist with 4+ years of experience in the field. At his last position, this candidate improved his company’s profit by 10% with multi-layer model that predicts the auction participants with the highest bids. This candidate also produced models and services for a bespoke high volume, low latency prediction microservice written in Go.

Skills: Spark, XGBoost, TensorFlow, SciPy Stack, AWS, Datadog, Sentry, IntelliJ Idea, Git Athlassian stack: BitBucket, Jira, Confluence

Education: BS Computer Science

Data Engineer - $100,000+
Berlin, NJ

Data Engineer with 3+ years of experience in the field. At his last position, this candidate created and maintained data pipelines written in Python. This candidate also maintained and contributed to a centralized data warehouse.

Skills: SQL, Python, VB.Net, Airflow, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Git, Excel, SSRS, Power BI, Jupyter Notes, Postgres, FHIR

Education: BS Computer Science & Information Systems


Database Architect - $100,000+
West Chester, PA

Database Architect with 25+ years of experience in the field. At his last position, this candidate created scripts to pull sample data from all fields in tables for all databases on the database servers. This candidate also analyzed and classified the fields as to what type of personal information the column held.

Skills: Microsoft SQL Server, Database Security, SQL Clustering, SSIS, Quest SQL Lightspeed, CA Erwin, Redgate SQL ToolBelt, Quest SpotLight for SQL, ERD Team Foundation Services, Visual Studio, Azure, Powershell

Education: Diploma Computerized Business Systems

Data Scientist - $130,000+
Swedesboro, NJ

Data Scientist with 5+ years of experience in the field. At his last position, this candidate developed a portfolio of analytics capabilities to drive executive-level business and acquisition decisions for the deployment of hardware/software security solutions at airports nationwide. This candidate also built a customized, multi-view dashboard to generate staffing forecast for a federal agency’s personnel.

Skills: Python, Plotly Dash, SQL, HTML/CSS, R, JavaScript, Git/Bash, GitLab/GitHub, Agile Development, NLP, AWS/Azure

Education: BS Chemical Engineering, MS Analytics

Payments Data Analyst $115,000+
New York City, NY

Payments Data Analyst who created and optimized scalable processes and solutions which helped efficiently scale operations experiencing 10x growth. Built models in R to predict end-user and partner behavior, lower operational risk, and decrease user delinquency by an expected 11%. As well as, development of models and alerts using SQL to validate and detect anomalies in data transmissions.

Skills: Advanced SQL (PostgreSQL), Advanced MS Excel, Visual Basic for Application, R,  Tableau, AWS Redshift, Python,  G-Suite

Education: Bachelor of Science (BS) Economics and Statistics


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Energage, formerly Workplace Dynamics

Hired a Chief Product Officer, formerly SVP of Product Management at Jornaya (LeadiD), B.A. in Computer Science.

Club OS Philadelphia PA Logo

Hired a Lead Java Engineer, formerly a Senior Software Engineer at Stitch (formerly RJMetrics), graduated from Harvard University.

EPAM Philadelphia PA Logo

Hired a Big Data Solutions Architect, formerly a Director of Data Architecture at CapTech, M.S. in Management Information Systems. 

Big Data 1Hired a Senior Data Scientist, formerly a Data Scientist at Kelkoo, Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Syapse Philadelphia Logo

Hired a Cloud Systems Engineer, formerly a Software Architect at eBay Enterprise (Radial), M.S. in Management Information Systems.

Big Data 2Hired a Big Data Product Manager, formerly a Data Manager at Honeywell International, studied at University of Pittsburgh.