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“My goal is to help make this crazy process a more enjoyable experience by taking the guesswork out of the equation.

I work daily with Founders, Executives, and Hiring Teams to understand what they are looking for in new hires.

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T. Brad Kielinski, Founder & CEO of IT Pros

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Jean-Christophe ‘JC’ Laurent (MSc., MBA, SAFe® PO/PM)

Jean-Christophe ‘JC’ Laurent (MSc., MBA, SAFe® PO/PM)

Product Manager

Brad, many thanks for your review of my resume and Linkedin profile. This is very useful, and I will look to implement the changes you suggested.
Ranganathan Ramu

Ranganathan Ramu

Business Intelligence Architect

Brad, amazing, thank you so much for your review of my resume and profile. I will definitely consider all your suggestions and will make changes to both. Thank you for your kind and generous time, I really appreciate it. You’re the Best! Thank you!
Mali Patel

Mali Patel

Technical Project Manager

Thank you for your time and the review Brad. You provided a lot of great insight and raised good questions to answer with the resume and LinkedIn profile content. I'll definitely be incorporating the feedback.
Yehuda Rosenblum

Yehuda Rosenblum

Help Desk Technician

Thank you, Brad! For all your insights and great ideas!
Gerard Jonas

Gerard Jonas

Senior Software Engineer

Thanks, Brad, for the review. It was very helpful. It helped to have another viewpoint, the one who actually needs to read the documents. Thanks for your time!
Ghanshyam Chodavadiya

Ghanshyam Chodavadiya

Director of Machine Learning

T. Brad Kielinski, Thank you very much for the assessment of my resume and LinkedIn profile. I appreciate your time and insights. I have made changes as per your suggestions and it worked. Thank you!