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We scrape and crawl the web for relational employer and technologist data.


Prospects are proactively recruited based on skill, work history and location.


Every prospect goes through our vetting process to ensure proper compatibility.


Receive a shortlist of our most compatible prospects to interview and hire.


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    Brad is the Founder & CEO of IT Pros. He is responsible for the overall direction and growth of the company, while ensuring client success.

    T. Brad Kielinski, Founder & CEO
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    Moira is responsible for finding and screening candidates. Her efforts ensure a proper candidate/employer match based on compatibility.

    Moira Higgins, Recruitment
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    Andra is responsible for talent recruitment and applicants. She is focused on attracting the right people to awesome opportunities within the Philadelphia region.

    Andra Carter, Recruitment
  • 29505d8 100x100 On Demand Tech Talent Solutions

    Charlie is a current student at PSU. He mainly performs web development in Python, PHP and now Ruby. Outside of computing, he pushes the limits on road, track and cyclocross bikes.

    Charlie Li, Intern - Engineering
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    Coby is a current student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has been been programming and developing from a very young age - programming his own encryption algorithm.

    Coby Benveniste, Intern - Engineering
  • WereHiringBanner1 100x100 On Demand Tech Talent Solutions

    We are hiring new team members to join our recruitment and sourcing teams. Must be local to Philadelphia and enjoy working with awesome local tech companies.

    Join Our Team, Recruitment/Sourcing