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Senior Systems Engineer - $125,000
Philadelphia, PA (Northern Liberties)
Senior Systems Engineer with 20+ years of experience working with and proposing the use of free and open source software at organizations ranging from small businesses to enterprise and government customers. Worked with several customers to implement cloud migration strategies including but not limited to automation of the deployment of infrastructure components using technologies such as Puppet and Chef in concert with appropriate systems baseline management. Target cloud environments included AWS and OpenStack (both hosted and on-premise).
Senior Systems Engineer - $133,000
West Chester, PA
Senior Systems Engineer who leads a six-person DevOps team at a local SaaS company in the suburbs through a transition from highly manual processes to automated deployment solutions supporting product teams. He is on the Infrastructure team but more on the DevOps side vs Core Infrastructure side. Moving some workloads to AWS. Automating some of their product builds using Ansible and Puppet. He’d like to be more hands-on and coding in a new role. Mixed Windows/Linux environment currently, moving towards Linux for the future. He’s more comfortable in Linux but could definitely work in a mixed environment. Lives in West Chester, PA. Keep commute under 20-miles max. Not super interested in Center City (wage tax, long commute).
Senior Front End Web Developer - $115,000
Brookhaven, PA
Senior Front End Web Developer proven, senior level software development professional with over 6 years of experience in the domain of enterprise-level web-based software delivery. Worked on a greenfield project written in Angular 2 although it was eventually migrated to Angular 4 before it was shipped. He set up the architecture and he along with a team of 15 completed the project. The app is in use now. He also helped them find contractors and did some hiring. Passion in the front end and thinks big data sounds interesting. Has come to realize that he doesn’t want to work for a start up. Does better in a more corporate environment and wants to work on a longer term project.