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Full Stack Web Developer - $115,000
Warminster, PA
Working as a team lead with 4 developers at a consulting company. Work varies depending on the client’s needs but he’s primarily focused on application development. Also experienced with graphic design, project management, database infrastructure, third party integrations, and mobile development. He has pretty broad range of expertise and is consistently learning new languages and platforms. Strongest in PHP and Python.
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Senior Product Manager - $180,000
Limerick, PA
Currently working on a SaaS product, managing a team of about 15, including product manager, project managers, and UX designers. Key member of leadership team responsible for the full product life cycle for core company products. Has grown and built internal teams. Recently led the company through a new product launch, hitting all milestones and delivering the product on time, including establishing major technical shifts. Works with key clients in an “early adopter” type of program to support the launches of new products or major product updates.
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Cloud / Hadoop Architecture Engineer - $135,000
Collegeville, PA
Hands-on technical leader specializing in Big Data applications, Cloud Computing, and highly scalable systems. Currently building out a services application through a data pipeline. Deployed multiple applications to AWS Cloud environments using core AWS instances and capabilities. Works with Ansible and Puppet… lots of customization of automation scripts. Has assisted clients in reshaping business processes to analyze data using Amazon Web Service, Microsoft Azure and Apache Hadoop Eco-system components.
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Tier 2 Technical Support Specialist - $65,000
West Chester, PA
Currently working with both non-technical customers and technical systems- and machine-administrators to provide second-level support via email, phone and web chat. Working within Windows, Linux and VM environments. Remotely supporting website issues, database issues, email issues, etc. Working with a variety of issues that come in, and different types of end-users (technical and not), and technologies. Continually building up his own knowledge base (recently Linux Certified).
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Software Developer and Team Lead - $90,000
King of Prussia, PA
Strongest in Java, Python and JavaScript. Currently working on a greenfield project. Recently rewrote a classic asp to a RESTful Java service. Experienced with designing, coding, testing, and analyzing software programs and applications; controlling, and repairing complex computer code; and managing special projects from concept to delivery. Learning Android on the side. Would love to work with interesting technologies like Haskell, Rust or Elm.
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Application Specialist and Software Developer - $65,000
Philadelphia, PA
Primarily working with Java on the backend. Also working with Oracle SQL to create development reports to allow data to be viewed in real-time on the front end. Has worked with some big data; some refactoring; some testing and debugging. He wants to grow his technical knowledge and spends time on the side playing with mobile development and linux.
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