Founded in 2011, IT Pros is on a mission to help people become more successful in the United States through the people hired and companies joined.

IT Pros is a fully integrated technology staffing and recruitment agency designed for successful people, growing companies, and those seeking a high return on investment.

About Our Process

We become an extension of you and your team by working together to produce successful hiring outcomes. Let us into your world by sharing a detailed company overview: culture, environment, job description, requirements, preferences, career path, selling points, benefits, perks, compensation, interview process, expectations, etc.

Our process continues on from sourcing, recruiting, screening, interview scheduling, debriefing, to successful hiring.

Find Talent

Gain access well beyond the boolean search to a VIP ticket that talent maps proven techdriven professionals without the ego. 

Recruitment Marketing

A personalized approach, driven by human intelligence. You have access to some. We have access to all. No spam. Ever.

Pre Screening

Find out what makes these candidates tick: Startup or stability? City or the 'burbs? $80K or $180K? IoT or Fintech? 

Interview Scheduling

(Re)Scheduling interviews with calendar invites has become a major task in itself because proven talent is busy just as much as you are. 

Verbal Offers

Make sure more offers get accepted with less of the uncomfortable back-and-forth game playing that is left for others to experience. 

Candidate Guarantee

We remain in contact with new hires to ensure a positive return on investment until they are fully up-to-speed with your team. 

About 1

About Our Story

“In 2011, I founded IT Pros to help companies succeed with the right people. We have helped hundreds of founders, executives, and hiring teams, successfully hire thousands of the right people with emerging tech startups to large enterprises across the USA.

The work we do impacts so many lives, which goes well beyond the placement.

Thanks to all of you, my wife, two boys, and team for making this dream a reality. 

Hopefully, we have an opportunity to partner and build something amazing together.”

T. Brad Kielinski, Founder & CEO