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Manager of IT Application Development and Design - $156,000
Lansdale, PA

Currently, the Manager of the Application Development and Design team, managing a team of 13 that includes developers, BI, database analysts, etc. Her background is varied and includes being a program manager/analyst, a business process expert, a project manager, and working in other areas of IT. Solutions oriented, she works to simplify complex processes, determining the best way to streamline, automate, and continuously improve. She feels that her well-rounded hybrid background would lend itself well to working on new product lines and new technologies. She considers herself highly creative and would love to work with new product concepts.

Senior Program Manager - $170,000
Pennington, NJ

Most recently has been working with a large financial institution in New York City. The role evolved from a pure product management position to managing about 1,000 employees. While he is capable of leading and managing such large teams he finds it more enjoyable to work with a smaller team. Recent projects had a focus on security infrastructure for the finance/banking industry. He is accustomed to regulatory procedures and believes his knowledge would translate nicely to the healthcare and pharma industries as well. Has experience growing and organizing teams that are still in the project initiation stage or performing early research activities. Facilitates requirements gathering, designs, cost forecasts (both people and technology), hiring and training new employees, and interacting regularly with C-level executives. Also open to consulting opportunities.

VP of Information Technology - $180,000
Philadelphia, PA

Has a background of working with all types of technology stacks and platforms. While in a management role he enjoys being involved in the architecture or design, and creating a strategy around the technology. Extensive experience managing offshore initiatives; vendor management; contract negotiations; project budgeting and administration. Experience across many industries, including finance, insurance, government, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and research. Has developed Centers of Excellence by hiring, developing and motivating skilled professionals. For his next challenge he’d like to stay in a hands-on management role as a CIO, CTO or head of a department (Infrastructure or Strategy, etc). Open to in-house as well as consulting positions.