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Ethan Winter
Front End Developer

In the weeks of my job hunt, I was contacted by countless recruiters; most of whom had no interest in paying attention to my skills, wants, needs, or even location. Brad was different. Brad took into consideration not just getting people in for interviews, but taking the time to find the positions that fit me best. While other recruiters would waste my time with interviews far outside my skill set, or in cities across the country I had no interest in relocating to, Brad found a position that matched my skills, experience, location and compensation needs. I would highly recommend working with Brad!

Renee Theis
Salesforce Consultant

I can't recommend IT Pros highly enough! Working with them was such a wonderful experience. IT Pros recruited me for my current IT position, and went to great lengths to understand my career goals & non-negotiables to ensure a good fit. I truly felt like they had my back during every step of the process. IT Pros has even kept in touch after I started the position to confirm everything is working out. IT Pros is a fantastic advocate and a great team to have in your corner.

Scott Guman
Product Manager

I had a great experience working with Brad and IT Pros. They always gave me plenty of context and information before each interview stage, kept me informed about what was going on at every point in the hiring process, and, most importantly, were very personable throughout. Brad was always on top of communication and staying in touch, and very easy to talk to. Great experience overall.




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Erika Hauser
Technical Recruiter

My goal has always been quality over quantity, and I love being part of a team that has that same goal. At IT Pros, we take a personal, yet professional approach in helping match companies in the area with quality candidates, but also make sure the company and position is the right fit for the individual candidate as well.

Cameron Cooper
Data Manager

I love building relationships and watching people succeed in reaching their goals. The workplace is a competitive environment where you are constantly trying to get ahead, to make a statement, prove your worth, and be the best-of-the-best. Toxicity, poor communication and lack of opportunity can, and will, result in loss of motivation and become a barrier to success. Many recruiters don’t get it and won’t take the time to listen to your career aspirations. Most will leave you in the dark and treat you as a commodity, not a human. At IT Pros, we get it! We’ll listen and ensure you know what’s going on through every step of the hiring process. We believe in transparency and being 100% genuine.