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Careers At IT Pros

Moira Higgins
Lead Recruiter
I love connecting great candidates with great companies. It is fun to see people get excited about the next step in their career and know that I helped get them there. I love working at IT Pros because it’s a very collaborative environment where everyone is encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas. We are never locked in to one way of doing things and continually discuss how we can improve our process internally, and externally. We want to give the best possible experience to our clients and to the candidates we work with. If you are self driven and interested in technology, then there is no better place for you to be than IT Pros.
Andra Carter
Lead Recruiter
I love pairing the right person with the right position and company where they will thrive. I won't shove a square peg into a round hole just to fill an open position and I appreciate that IT Pros listens to what our clients need (technically and culturally) and listens to what is important to our candidates (location, tech stack, company size and culture, perks and benefits, etc). It's fun to connect with people and learn about their work backgrounds and what they're looking for to further their career trajectories.


Benefits And Perks

Work-From-Home At IT Pros - Philadelphia


Enjoy working from the comforts of your home office at IT Pros. 100% virtual. 100% of the time.

Our virtual environment is highly collaborative, fast-paced, and performance-driven. We use tools like Google Apps for Work and Asana to ensure the team is set up for success every time.


Monthly Health Care Allowance At IT Pros - Philadelphia


IT Pros team members select the personal health care coverage that works best for them.

Expenses are reimbursed through our monthly allowance program.



Unlimited Training At IT Pros - Philadelphia


No matter the level of experience, IT Pros offers in-depth training sessions for each position. The team is only as good as our weakest link. All training sessions are performed via Hangout or in-person.


Profit Sharing At IT Pros - Philadelphia


Do you constantly exceed expectations? Tired of not sharing in more of the profits? We offer 100% profit sharing on all revenue successfully achieved on a personal level within a team environment.

What does that mean? Bring in $1,000,000.00 of revenue. Earn $200,000.00+ in your pocket. Cha-ching!


Flexible Work Schedule At IT Pros - Philadelphia


Create your own work schedule here at IT Pros. The Monday through Friday 9-5 work week is left for others. We believe in a flexible work/life balance that fuels performance and growth.

Be prepared for unrivaled work flexibility.


Career Growth At IT Pros - Philadelphia


Whether it be front-office or back-office, IT Pros offers the ability to grow within the organization. We thrive on growth and so should you. Each team member hired has the right to earn a leadership spot within the company.



Monthly Internet Allowance At IT Pros - Philadelphia


Having access to high-speed Internet is key to success here. That is why we provide our team members a monthly allowance to cover the costs.

Your choice of provider based on your service area.



Monthly Smartphone Allowance At IT Pros - Philadelphia


Wether you are on the go or in your home office, we have you covered. IT Pros provides our team members a monthly allowance to cover smartphone expenses.

Popular apps here: Hangouts, Asana, FreshBooks, SmartRecruiters, Gmail, and more.



Monthly Fitness Membership Allowance At IT Pros - Philadelphia


Fitness matters. That is why IT Pros provides a monthly allowance to our team members to get their body and minds right.

Your choice of fitness membership.


Company Sponsored Events At IT Pros - Philadelphia


Take part in company sponsored meetings and events once a month that are designed to increase performance, productivity, and profit.

Previous outings consisted of North Bowl, Victory Brewing Co., Philly Startup Leaders Poker Night, and Yards Brewery to name a few.



No vacation policy at IT Pros - Philadelphia



Need a vacation? Take it. There is no limit to the number of vacation days here at IT Pros.