Fully Integrated Process Designed for Busy People and Growing Employers

We become an extension of you and your team by working together to produce successful hiring outcomes. Let us into your world by sharing a detailed company overview: culture, environment, job description, requirements, preferences, career path, selling points, benefits, perks, compensation, interview process, expectations, etc.

We then begin tailoring specific solutions to meet your hiring needs.

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The most critical element of the entire process is our ability to get what information we need out of you to be successful. Understanding the past, present, and future enables us to find and attract the right people.


A mix of AI and Human Intelligence, you get a sourcing team that goes well beyond boolean search strings and online profiles. From predictive analysis to talent mapping, the modern tools and strategies we use are designed to outcompete the competition.


Make no mistake about it, there is a unique art to getting the right candidates attracted to speak with you confidentially about a new job while they are employed. We have this down to a science.


Find out what makes these candidates tick: Startup or large enterprise? Center City or the ‘burbs? $80K or $180K? IoT or Fintech? 100% transparency at all times.


Eliminate the back and forth scheduling conflicts when it comes to interviews, meetings, and assessments. Always have a detailed calendar invite knowing who you are interviewing, when, and for what position. Cut down your interview cycles. Increase successful hires.


When was the last time you knew how a candidate truly felt during the interview process? Get the full the full story, every step of the way.


A successful hire happens well before an offer goes out. Know every detail that goes into making a strong offer that will be accepted, along with everything in between.


Yes, you read that correctly. We stay in contact with the candidates we place well after our job is done. Why? We want to make sure you receive a solid return on your investment.

Bespoke Technical Recruiting & Staffing Services Used by Startups to Public Companies

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Energage, formerly Workplace Dynamics

Hired a Chief Product Officer, formerly of Jornaya (LeadiD), Monetate, GSI Commerce, Turn Tide/Symantec, graduated from Rutgers University.

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Hired a Lead Java Engineer, formerly of Stitch (formerly RJMetrics), Chariot Solutions, Navteq, graduated from Harvard University.


Hired a Big Data Solutions Architect, formerly of CapTech, PennMutual, ING Direct, Accenture, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University.

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Hired a DevOps Engineer, formerly of AWeber Communications, Northrop Grumman, QuiqMeds, graduated from Drexel University.

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Hired an IT Support Manager, formerly of Ellucian, NX Utilities, Pentec Health, graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. 

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Hired a Senior Data Scientist, formerly of Kelkoo, graduated from Damascus University and Aix-Marseille University.

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Brock Weatherup

Brock Weatherup

Founder & CEO

"IT Pros has a great reputation and the candidates they have presented, and we have hired, have been great."
Sasha Ballen

Sasha Ballen

Chief Technology Officer

"IT Pros recently worked with us to identify a database engineer to join our team. They listened carefully to our requirements, produced suitable candidates and ensured that we made a great hire. The whole process was easy and pleasant and, best of all, produced terrific results."
Doug Claffey

Doug Claffey

Co-Founder & CEO

"I've worked with the IT Pros team for several years and I highly recommend them. IT Pros has patiently filled hard-to-fill positions and has gone the extra mile to understand our culture to ensure a good fit/add. I've worked personally with Brad on senior executive hires and Brad did a great job."
Derby Benson

Derby Benson

Talent Acquisition Manager

"Brad is a rarity in the IT hiring world. He is very effective in relationship building and vetting prospects; taking into account not only specific required skills but also long term fit and soft skills. He is very methodical and presents only very relevant candidates. I hired many people through Brad and will continue to work with him wherever I go. He also focuses a lot on process improvement around submittals and provides candid feedback on an ongoing basis as needed."


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