How can I find a job?

Do we work with outsourced RPOs?

No. Not interested. Not now. Not ever. All the best.

How do I get profiled on the site?

Ultimately, the IT Pros team decides on which profiles to highlight. You are more than welcome to create a profile here.

What locations do IT Pros focus on?

🇺🇸 Remote USA and major city regions located in the USA 🇺🇸

IT Pros is located in West Chester, PA USA. Founded in Philadelphia, PA USA in 2011.

How much does it cost to hire an IT Pros candidate?

Depending on the candidate, we offer a FREE option, pay-per-hire option, or retained search option. Fees range from $0 to $50,000+. An average fee ranges around $25,000 to hire a candidate represented by IT Pros.

How does the candidate guarantee work?

If the candidate is terminated within the duration agreed upon, IT Pros will offer you an option to replace the candidate or refund.

Are there any upfront costs or recurring fees?

No upfront costs. FREE to interview any candidate represented by IT Pros. Pay-per-hire unless mentioned otherwise. Recurring fees for contractors, only.

Nice avatar! But why can’t I see the real photo of the candidate and contact details?

The avatar image is in fact a rendering of the actual candidate being represented, and all other details are real. But since our candidates are employed, we cannot compromise their current position with their employer. Additionally, our curated candidates are both sought after and selective. They have chosen IT Pros to represent them during their next career step.

To that end, to either interview or be released the candidate’s full name, details, photo and their complete resume, we request that you sign a contract agreement with IT Pros. There is zero cost to do so. The only time you pay anything is when a successful hire is made.

Why can’t I just find these candidates?

You absolutely can! You can also mow your own lawn, cook dinner yourself, do your own landscaping, etc. but who always does it better? A professional. That is why you are here.

Is it free to interview?

Yes, 100% FREE to interview. No upfront costs. Low risk. High reward. Schedule an interview, today!

Who are our candidates?

The Top 10% of their profession based on background, education, skills, career progression, experience, and more.